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BOOB BUDDIES. It has come to my attention that we are all bored. BY WHICH I MEAN ALL THE 'STAYERS' [me and Natalie] ARE BORED, AS OPPOSED TO THE 'QUITTERS' [ACEY THE RAT], who are presumably having quite a lot of fun.

So for our future reference and to be added to as we find them: THINGS TO DO WHEN WE ARE BORED - A LIST. ALTERNATIVELY (a sister list) THINGS TO BRING ABOUT CHEEREDUPNESS. It is my belief both functions will apply next year.

My contributions:
c) and Homestar Runner Wiki - tips, facts, cheats and hints for the dishonest. Use in moderation: reading the article on Thy Dungeonman kind of spoils the fun. On the other hand, has anyone played Thy Dungeonman 2? Personally I am getting into Rhino Feeder.

2. An tInneal Mallachtaí - The Curse Engine. Try it. It's fun! For a little while.
a) Victorian Sex Cry Generator. Both of these are (obviously) fun but only for a little while. On the other hand, the Victorian Sex Cry Generator has wider creative possibilities. I guess. It is my ambition to write a period drama for an English essay and submit it to Adeline Ng, bragging about all the research I did and isn't it authentic!

3. Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts. This is great, if you like that sort of thing (and what civilised person would not?)

4. Tricks of the Trade. This is from Neil Gaiman's blog but it's a good read if you haven't already seen it. If noting else, the section under 'Forester' has countless applications in the wider world.

5. Fold some origami. This is Matthew's Special Website. I can't make head or tail of it (that is not a pun) but it's fun to try. Matthew makes a damn good platypus and if you ask him nicely he will probably do one for you.

6. Nursery Rhymes!. If you can get past the ELECTRIC BLUE background it is pretty good. I use it to dredge up bits of my subconscious. Do you remember the rhyme about bonny Bobby Shaftoe? Tinker, Tailor? Well they are all there (and a few more).

7. The Original Tombstone Generator. I dunno what to say.

8. Being An Account of the Life and Death of the Emperor Heliogabolus - a 24 hour comic by Neil Gaiman. This is pretty good but doesn't come under the header of 'cheerupping'. Rather, it is 'nifty' because I kind of like Heliogabolus and I especially like what Neil Gaiman did with his story.

9. HERODOTUS: THE HISTORIES. I love Herodotus and you should too. You guys should probably watch The English Patient too, on a tenuously tangentially related note.

10. Instant Slash Story. This is Acey's link and I hate it but it makes me laugh.

11. Gay Test. We've all seen this and I know it's sick to be cheered up and endlessly entertained by a pink website telling me how gay I am, but yo, each to his own, one man's meat etc.

12. Heraldry on the Internet. Everybody needs their own coat of arms.

13. William Shakespeare Database. This is the ugliest website ever but hey, it's Shakespeare. Try to ignore the little flower showers your cursor will throw up when you try to do anything.

14. True Porn Clerk Stories. Have we all read this? I can't remember. They are great. They are so unpornographic a lesser person might be disappointed. They are not so much about porn as about the weird people in the world, and she talks about them so sensibly and lightheartedly it is the best thing ever. White text on a black background, though - I just hit Ctrl+A.

15. Shakespeare Parodies.

16. Popcap.com. Obviously not as cool as Homestar Runner but I used to be addicted to Typer Shark. But that was a long time ago! I am now a mature individual and above such juvenile pursuits.

17. Mr Picasso Head. Who gave me this link?

18. Orisinal looks gross. But I would recommend the egg game, which is like Icy Tower but a million times less annoying.

19. Pop some bubblewrap. This is here more for 'wtf?' value than actual entertainment.

20. Paintball. This still makes me laugh.

21. baaaaabyanimals. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT.

22. Nstorm.com. Frogapult is my game of choice! The best part is when your frog dies. If you can find Rabid Gopher that is pretty good too.

23. Snood! I love Snood. Nic showed it to me and then I was hooked. I don't know if you can get to the higher levels on the trial version still, but I managed it a long time ago (can't remember how) and those are great.

24. Something Positive. As always. The smartest, funniest webcomic out there. And while we're at it, Friendly Hostility. Natalie will blow up but Acey knows what I mean. Why am I putting this in. Everyone has seen this.

25. Ash Wednesday. I don't know why this is here but it's my favourite TS Eliot poem. It is not cheerful so it is an illegal immigrant in this list.

26. International Web Sites Specializing in Insults, Curses, Slang, Swearwords, Blasphemies, Slurs, Obscenities and Vulgarities. I enjoyed this more than I should have.

27. Classical Salutaions and Closings in Greek and Roman Letters. I REALLY liked this.

28. Book-A-Minute SF/F. I liked the Chronicles of Narnia ones.

29. Oh my God! There's an axe in my head. The game of international diplomacy. Acey will frown on this but she'll regret it someday.

30. The 100 Most Essential Words in Anime. I didn't know these words. Now I do.

Well, that's all for today; I am pleased that this list took up half an hour 'cause now I am slightly less bored. What are you guys doing these days? You are remarkably quiet (except Acey who is in France).
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