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oui oui croissant!

Here is another sorry tale
I am only posting these because Acey asked me to
and I am rehabilitating my finger, which recently had a splinter in it
but not any more 'cause Mum dug it out
I thought she was going to cry
Thankfully she didn't or I would have too
but if I get any more splinters I will cry
and when I am done I will beat Unique Lemony to death with my mighty stick
that will show him
what becomes of people who inflict splinters upon the king

Anyway, hurray for unpronounceable English class assignments. For the uninformed, who may have stumbled upon this den of vice and unholy pastimes, Sybil gave us a worksheet of foreign terms frequently used in English writing and got us to write stories using 8 of the terms. Well what can I say. We are overachievers. VIVE LA SQUISHE D'BARBARIAN

This avant-garde story will have to be told under a nom de plume, to avoid a coup d'etat, because we are but the petit bougeois. In this way we are showing esprit de corps an avoiding faux pas as we were not given carte blanche to laissez-faire.

It takes place in a bistro found in a cul-de-sac. It is the story of a croissant and a celebrity, becoming a cause célèbre in Parisian society. The truly innocent will not catch the double entendre while those with savoir-faire will only hold little tête a têtes among themselves. Thus nothing will be done to change this fait accompli. C'est la vie!
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